If you spend real money, You should get real food. One of the great events that takes place every summer in Hamilton is the International Air Show. Spectacular aerial displays entertain hundreds of thousands. In June, 1997, a few days before the show, a local radio station telephoned our office with a problem. The radio station had a corporate tent at the show and had invited their advertisers and other V.I.P.s to enjoy front row seats and refreshments. The radio station had arranged for another caterer to serve food at their corporate tent, but, at the last moment, that caterer had cancelled.

When the station manager called BBQ Catering, he didn’t really know much about BBQ menus or the BBQ approach. At the air show the year before, station guests were served hot dogs and burgers. The station manager asked, could BBQ serve these? Rather than give a simple yes, we asked about the food budget for the event. The budget was realistic, but much too high for mere hot dogs. “If you’re willing to spend real money, you should get real food”, was the reply.

Without increasing the food budget a penny, the menu was changed from hot dogs to barbecued chicken breast, steak kebobs, stir fried vegetables, fried rice, Caesar Salad, luscious fruit displays, pita bread with bruschetta topping & grated cheese, German sausage and German style home fried potatoes with bacon & onion. Guests of the radio station were amazed by the giant eleven foot fry pan used for the stir fry. Visitors from other corporate event tents kept dropping in to see what smelled so good. The station manager was thrilled.

Pleasing both host and guests is the key to a successful event. Imagination in menu planning, the right equipment and staff to do the job properly, dedication to quality and service, and a fair approach to the budget are all essential ingredients to the event recipe.

Everything in life, including food service, has a price. BBQ prices are realistic and start with a simple approach: do the very best job that the client can afford. And do the job for less money if less money will do the job.

BBQ does not charge or collect gratuities or service charges. Gratuities are a spontaneous recognition of excellent food and service. A caterer who charges for these items in advance robs a client of both value and the opportunity to express appreciation. By the way, a 15 percent saving.

Catering extras for weddings or other special events can really mount up. Rental charges for tables, chairs, plates, cutlery etc., etc., etc. can double the base menu cost. At BBQ, we believe these costs should be modest. Even though access issues, number of days of rental, and value of the equipment are all important, rental charges should never exceed 15 percent of the total budget. We own most of the equipment necessary for even very large events and can pas along savings to you.

Our special focus is on the service of very large groups from 1500 guests to 45,000. Few caterers in Canada have our expertise with food service for such large groups. BBQ Catering has been recognized by the Toronto Tourism board for it’s excellence and service.

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